ACS Biomarker strengthens its organization.

31 October 2012, Maastricht (the Netherlands)

ACS Biomarker announced today that it has strengthened the organization to manage its participation in several European biomarker research collaborations and to accelerate the biomarker validation activities in its new state-of-the-art lab facility. ACS Biomarker BV is a Dutch biotechnology company focusing on the discovery, validation and commercialization of novel biomarkers that improve prognosis and management of cardiac disease.

The company currently concentrates its R&D on developing novel biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with heart failure. Previously, ACS Biomarker discovered Galectin-3, the first protein-based prognostic biomarker that is now in the clinic. Over the past years the company’s research focus was on microRNAs. microRNAs represent a new class of circulating biomarkers that are remarkably stable and can be easily detected in blood samples. ACS Biomarker was the first to identify a series of microRNAs that can be used for the diagnosis and prognosis of heart failure.


ACS Biomarker is an active partner in several European research consortia that focus on the validation of emerging biomarkers for cardiovascular disease. Dr Joost Leenders was appointed as Project Leader to manage these large international collaborations. Joost  holds a master’s degree in biological health sciences from Maastricht University (NL) and subsequently worked as researcher in the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia. In 2012 he got his PhD on the molecular causes of heart failure.


Through these R&D alliances ACS Biomarker has access to many large patient cohorts. Large number of samples will be screened in the company’s new laboratory in Amsterdam, which is perfectly equipped for the large-scale, semi-automated screening of blood samples. To accelerate the validation work of the company’s biomarker portfolio, ACS Biomarker appointed Zhen Liu to head up the new lab facility. Zhen Liu received two bachelors one in General biology (HuaZhong Agriculture University, China) and one in Economics (Wuhan University, China). She holds a master’s degree in molecular biology and bioinformatics from the University of Amsterdam and completed her PhD study in Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands. She subsequently worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the department of cell biology at the Dutch Cancer Institute (NKI). 


ACS Biomarker is very pleased to have attracted two motivated professionals to accelerate the growth of the company, says Heico Breek, Chief Executive Officer of ACS Biomarker



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ACS Biomarker B.V. is a Dutch biotechnology company focused on the discovery, validation and commercialization of novel biomarkers that improve prognosis and management of cardiac disease. The company conducts miRNA and protein-based biomarker research in its research facilities in Amsterdam. ACS Biomarker out-licensed one of its first biomarker discoveries, galectin-3 to BG Medicine, Inc. The galectin-3 in-vitro diagnostic immunoassay recently obtained FDA approval and is now available in the clinic.


Heico Breek (CEO)


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