ACS Biomarker accelerates biomarker validation in large scale heart failure patient cohorts

13 December 2013, Maastricht
Molecular diagnostics frontrunner strengthens R&D capacity and opens new lab in Amsterdam


Today, 13th December, marks the opening of ACS Biomarker BV’s new state-of-the-art biomarker laboratory. The lab is specifically equipped for the rapid validation of cardiovascular disease diagnostics. ACS Biomarker collaborates with leading European and Dutch research consortia in large-scale patient studies. The new lab facilitates analysing biomarkers in thousands of patient samples in a high-throughput setting. This lab and the world-class collaborations position ACS Biomarker on the forefront of molecular diagnostics in the cardiovascular field. The lead product in development is a single diagnostic and prognostic multi-biomarker test for heart failure.

Global partnerships

ACS Biomarker collaborates with a number of European and Dutch research consortia in the field of cardiovascular disease (such as EU-MASCARA, HOMAGE, BestAgeing, CTMM TRIUMPH, Circulating Cells and ENGINE). These collaborations enable ACS Biomarker to develop increasingly sensitive, robust and selective diagnostic tools for the diagnosis and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases. The partnerships allow the company to validate the clinical relevance and effectiveness of these tests in thousands of patients in different global regions.



The new laboratory is equipped with highly-advanced infrastructure for conducting microRNA and protein biomarker validation studies, and is operated by specially trained staff.  The laboratory, located at the premises of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam, is perfectly suited for validating new biomarker diagnostics in high-throughput mode.


microRNA diagnostics

A main focus of the company is on the diagnostic implications of circulating microRNAs, a promising and emerging field of biomarkers. The new laboratory provides the perfect setting to carry out further in-depth microRNA research, along with academic and private partners.


Novel multi-biomarker test

The current focus of ACS Biomarker is on the development of a multi-marker test that can improve the clinical management of heart failure. The test is in development for the following applications; to confirm or exclude a diagnosis of heart failure, to identify heart failure subtypes and to predict the course of the disease. Such a test would significantly help both physicians and patients. Speaking about the test, Heico Breek (CEO of ACS Biomarker) said: “We are excited to collaborate with multiple academic and private partners in developing a fast, simple and clinically meaningful HF test to support physicians in selecting the best treatment options and improve the chance of a patient’s recovery.”

Heart failure

Heart failure, which occurs when the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the needs of the body, has become a major public health issue over the last few decades. Despite ever-improving treatments, the mortality rate is still very high. Approximately 50% of heart failure patients die within 5 years of diagnosis. A key problem is that the causes of HF can vary in each patient and several HF subtypes exist. This means that securing a correct and early diagnosis can be challenging, even for experienced clinicians. In current medical practice, multiple measurements of diagnostic and prognostic markers are often required to optimally assess the clinical condition of a heart failure patient and guide treatment decisions.


For more information:

Heico Breek

Chief Executive Officer

Tel: +31 20 6971087


About ACS Biomarker

ACS Biomarker is a Dutch biotechnology company focused on the discovery, validation and commercialisation of novel cardiovascular biomarkers that will improve the prognosis and management of cardiovascular disease.

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