Cardiovascular biomarkers

Cardiovascular biomarkers play an increasingly important role in the management of cardiac disease. They are used to identify individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease, to accurately diagnose disease conditions and differentiate between patients with a myocardial infarction or unstable angina or between patients with dyspnea or symptoms of acute heart failure. Biomarkers are also used for monitoring treatment effects.



To discover new cardiac biomarkers Mirnext uses high-throughput systems in a disease-oriented strategy. This approach proved successful and yielded miR423-5p as clinically meaningful biomarker for heart failure.
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Assay Development

The goal of the current validation work is to develop a multi-marker heart failure test that can favorably compete with the established heart failure markers in terms of diagnostic and prognostic accuracy. The patient will benefit from a single test that quickly probes many different disease mechanisms and provides an extensive cardiac risk profile that will help the clinician to initiate targeted treatments.
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