Company profile

Mirnext is a Dutch biomedical company focusing on the discovery, validation and commercialization of miRNAs as novel biomarkers for cardiovascular disease. The company is developing actionable and cost-effective multi-marker tests to improve diagnostic routine and clinical management of heart failure and coronary artery disease. 

Mirnext was recently established as a separate legel entity by ACS Biomarker, the company that was built on the discovery of Galectin-3. This protein biomarker for heart failure was out-licensed to BG Medicine and is now available in the clinic. The shareholders of ACS Biomarker envision miRNAs as a next generation of biomarkers and decided to establish a new company fully dedicated to building miRNA based cardiovascular tests. The same team responsible for ACS Biomarker is now driving Mirnext.  


Mirnext established a close collaboration with the AMC Heart Center in Amsterdam. Along with academic and private partners the company focuses on the large scale validation of a panel of miRNAs in multiple cardiovascular indications and the development of a multi-marker test for the simultaneous diagnosis and prognosis of acute coronary syndrome and heart failure.

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